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About us

About us - I 4 Territories

Living in the land of Venice is a network of hotels, restaurants, farms, and service companies that have come together to offer the peculiarities of their territories to tour operators and international buyers in the simplest and most competitive way possible.

The companies come from the territories of Rovigo, "The Land between two Rivers" ; Treviso, "The Garden of Venice" ; Monte Grappa, "The Venetian Mountain" that defended and preserved Italy as it is today during the First World War; and Lake Garda, "The Biggest Lake of Italy" with its romantic Verona.

A visit to the portal and a free registration in the business area is essential to discover the full range of products offered and to get in touch directly with the companies that created them. Any type of operator in the sector can find satisfaction in the products offered both in terms of commissions and exclusive net rate and allotment.

The organisation

Living in the Land of Venice therefore presents itself to those working in the tourism sector as a network of 4 DMC present in the different Venetian territories that can guarantee the same quality of service and business conditions to foreign partners and operators who decide to include in their programming the best that the territories have to offer.

The experience gained in the sector, the presence and competence achieved in the international markets are the key elements on which the Living in the land of Venice staff sets its promotional initiatives in the various markets Assistance, knowledge of the territories, hotel availability, product flexibility, promotional plans, educational and press tours are instead the tools made available to the various partners who decide to work with one or all of the territories involved.


A range of unique products - In the territories of Venice

The timeless allure of the splendid city of Venice has a strong power of attraction for customers from all over the world. However, the territories surrounding it that over time have made it great, protected, nurtured and embellished, do not always enjoy the same fame.

The Veneto, the land of Venice, is a tourist destination capable of providing visitors with original and authentic experiences and emotions and guaranteeing, operators in the sector, the possibility of organising unique and exclusive tourist packages suitable for any type of clientele. Using the attractive power of the most beautiful city in Italy in favour of lesser-known territories but able to produce offers and guarantee services of the highest quality, is the aim of the Living in the land of Venice project.

What is contained in this catalogue is only a small part of the proposals that each territory can offer. The Veneto is a land of marvellous mountains, medieval villages, golden beaches, crystal-clear lakes and the uncontaminated and romantic nature of its rivers. Veneto is a land rich in history, art, culture and music. Veneto is a proud, sincere land of hospitable people and small and large wine and food production. All of these elements are part of our programs and offer which, from tomorrow, can also be yours.